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Our team consist of experience managers as well as instructors.
Please find below some information about our team.

Tomasz Slodnik

– MBA MBA diploma of University University of Gdansk
– Maritime  Academy of Gdynia
– Co-founder ASW International
– Co-founder former President of MBA Alumni Association of University of Gdansk
– Member of The Supervisory Board of MBA Alumni Association of University of Gdansk
– Extreme travel experience including war zones and mountaineering expeditions
– Military experience

Katarzyna Orlikowska

– MBA MBA diploma of University of Gdansk
– Co-founder ASW International
– Co-founder and former Supervisory Board of MBA Alumni Association of University of Gdansk
– President of MBA Alumni Association  of University of Gdansk
– Licenced accountant
– Para -Military experience

  • Firearms instructor
  • Firearms researcher for European Special Forces and Secret Service Units
  • Specialist First Aid course for gunshot and explosion wounds
  • Military weapon and equipment advisor experience
  • The official tester and advanced shooter of Firearms manufacturers
  • SWAT Unit Experience
  • Combat Experience
  • Investigation experience
  • Military Combat Instructor
  • Close Security Specialist
  • SWAT Unit Experience
  • Combat Experience
  • Shooting Instructor
  • Cross Training Specialist
  • Martial Arts Specialist
  • Experience is Special Operation Forces
  • Advanced paramedic
  • Combat Medicine specialist
  • Experience in high risk areas
  • Experience from Medevac and Trauma Room in high risk conditions
  • Experienced, advanced paramedic, high risk areas
  • Experienced instructor of for Special Forces and Counterterrorist Units
  • TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) instructor
  • CTM (Combat Trauma Management) instructor
  • LTT (Live Tissue Training) instructor
  • Counterterrorist Unit experience
  • TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) NAEMT Instructor
  • Advanced Combat Paramedic
  • Combat mission experience
  • Many years’ experience of educational teaching
  • Experience in Police Unit of Investigation
  • Experience in counter-terrorist units
  • Criminal high-risk areas operator
  • Shooting instructor
  • Licensed diver
  • Former Special Operation Forces
  • Battlefield experience
  • Army sniper and sharpshooter
  • CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
  • MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) tactics experience