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Our offer consist of the following modules followed by standard travel attractions (for tourists) such as sightseeing and others.
The programs are served at different difficulty and detailed levels depending on the client. Please assume less difficulty and detailed for tourists and more for PRO customers (uniformed forces).



  • Weapon systems: Glock pistol, M4 rifle, AK47 rifle and others (depending on the client)
  • Workspace, trigger control, breathing, administrative and speed reload, malfunctions, introduction to fast shooting
  • Rapid and intensive fire control on handgun and carbine
  • Use of covers and shooting from weak hand
  • Transitions from primary to secondary weapon system (use of carbine and pistol)
  • Shooting positions: standing, kneeling, prone position
  • Multiple targets engagement


  • Care under Fire phase – self aid – tourniquet training
  • Tactical Filed Care – Buddy Aid training
  • Massive bleeding – direct pressure point , tourniquet ,junctional hemmorage – wound packing – hemostatic agent
  • Airway management – Lateral Recovery Position [LRP] and jaw trust and chin lift maneuver (NPA)
  • Respiratory – Sucking chest wounds (Occlusive Dressings Bolin chest seal, sam chest seal, hyfin , hyfin vent, halo, asherman) – thoracentesis with needle
  • Circulation – hypovolemic shock , physical parameters, pelvic injury
  • Hypothermia Prevention – survival blanket, body heating
  • Head trauma
  • Evac – prepare to Evacuation
  • Manual training with Full MARCH protocol on the casualty


  • Internal, external, terminal ballistics
  • Angular measurement units
  • Sniper scope reticle
  • Sniper optical devices ( rifle scope, spotting scope, binoculars, laser rangefinders)
  • Sniper rifle setup and manipulation
  • Shooting/Zeroing
  • Shooting/Known distance
  • Weapon maintenance
  • Observation/ target detection
  • Concealment/FFP


  • Keeping the distance – offensive boxing techniques and dodges
  • Boxing techniques
  • Body control and strike empowerment
  • Kicks and punches
  • Clinch situations – ultimate techniques and vital points
  • Fighting multiple opponents
  • Fighting beside the wall
  • Takedowns/ ground choke/ situation awareness/ overpowerment
  • Controlling opponent on the ground
  • One on one Ground & Pound/ Hammer fist/ elbows/ punches/ headbutts
  • Vital points attacks


  • Combat formations and fighting styles
  • Reflexive, dynamic work using rifle and pistol
  • Tactical magazine change
  • Individual and Formation basic moves
  • Teamwork/Keeping fire/Buddy support
  • Teamwork/Keeping fire/Buddy support
  • The rules of shooting behind the cover – proper foot stance work
  • Rules of operation planning/Coordination of teams, communication system, negotiator, cooperation with other services


  • Rules and legislation
  • Controlling distance between VIP and Close Protection Officer (CPO)
  • Basic individual shooting skills. Manual work with a handgun
  • 2 to 5 CPO formation
  • Concealed carry fundamentals
  • Shooting a handgun in a short distance/various techniques
  • Using force in narrow spaces
  • Taking care of VIP and other team members
  • Use of pepper spray, knife and other less lethal tools
  • Practical exercise of transferring VIP in the vehicle


  • Patrolling
  • Observation
  • Ambush
  • Camouflage
  • Navigation
  • Distance awareness
  • Guerrilla warfare


  • Story building – methods, forms, and means of inventing story appropriately
  • Survival, evasion, resistance, escape
  • Kidnapping
  • Hostage and interrogation
  • Life safety rules, practical S.E.R.E. exercises during which scenes are adapted to the skills
  • Escape from a car, finding shelter, melee combat, survival, stress management
  • Undergoing the interrogation procedure