+48 690 137 621 contact@asw-int.com


Do you run training according to IPDA standard and guidelines?
Yes we are capable of offering it.

Do you send instructors to every country?
No, we check on the situation in the country from where we received the inquiry and the situation.
We do not provide services in: Iran, Syria and Sudan.

Who runs the programs?
The programs are run by our instructors. They have experience in training military forces and law enforcement.

What is the language you provide the training with?
Our instructors speak English.




Are the gun real? Is it safe?
The firearms we use for the workshops are real. Guns are not dangerous if used reasonably.

How do I dress for the trip?
A durable outfit would be perfect. Along with a trekking shoes and some waterproof jacket.
You might need a warm cap in some period of the year.

Do I need to be fit?
You must be perfectly healthy both physically and mentally. No significant stamina required for our basic program.

Is it good for ladies?
Yes it is.