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ASW International is a training, consulting and adventure travel company. The company was established in 2015. Since that time we have developed our portfolio of services. Currently we provide services in 3 main sectors:



We organize in Central and North Europe a set of military related programs, allowing our guests to experience educational modules with the elements of special forces training. Apart from mentioned programs, we offer sightseeing, sporting activities and shopping together with logistic services if necessary.
This is a great fun for those who enjoy active holidays and look for educational factor as well.


A group of services designed for VIP clients and their body guards / CPOs (Close Protection Officers). We teach basic security procedures that increase the survival chances in case of danger. The programs are divided into two sections. Section one is for body guards / CPOs (Close Protection Officers), where they are trained to secure properly their clients. The second section is for VIPs who are protected. The second section includes leisure elements as well as security elements. All the programs take place in Poland. We can offer some of them also at client’s location.

PRO LEVEL Programs

Programs intended for uniformed forces such as Military, Police Units (standard Police, Counter-Terrorism), Customs and other uniformed forces. The programs are designed with the cooperation with our clients and are served at customers’ locations around the world. He aim of the programs is to increase the individual qualifications of cadets.

We do hope you will find our offer interesting and we can meet soon !

Important note: we do not offer our services to all. We have some limitation. We do not provide our services to the people from the countries listed on United States Department of State, as repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism. Please contact our office to double check if you can work with us.

We reserve the right to refuse cooperation without giving a reason.